🎶The most wonderful time of the year 🎶

[Post meant for December 2016] Leaving Cambodia this time around was odd... and yet just right once again. For the first time since I've been here I got to spend a Cambodian Christian Christmas and it was fabulous! The pastor asked me to organized the kids to sing or dance on the day of and … Continue reading 🎶The most wonderful time of the year 🎶



Being back in Cambodia tons has happened, and I would truly appreciate it if you extend your hand in prayer: My focus would be in Jesus and intimacy with Him. It's hard not getting distracted with seemingly mandatory daily tasks and my tendency to dive into lesson planning. I'm not a tutor or teacher, it's … Continue reading Prayer

It’s the little things in life

I love the random little things that God does to show me that He's there, listening, paying attention and caring...totally unnecessary really... He died for me, paid for my sins, reconciled me to Him, AND gave me His Spirit so that I would grow in my knowledge of Him and be transformed to be like … Continue reading It’s the little things in life

Placed for a purpose (2)

    Placed for a purpose also came at another angle whilst camping in Washington. It was that same weekend that some of the youth and young adults were meeting from the khmer church in the same place. It was one of the highlights of the trip! After the first evening session one of the … Continue reading Placed for a purpose (2)

Placed for a purpose (1)

Frankly, I was still wavering on my decision to return to Cambodia at the time I boarded for Seattle. So much within me wanted to stay in the USA a bit longer and sort out some stuff--in all honesty I wasn't sure I was prepared to head out yet! But like I said, overall His … Continue reading Placed for a purpose (1)

A different kind of call

This time around, the call to come back to Cambodia came softly. Almost really like a whisper, but even more subtle--an understanding. I almost disregarded it to be honest. It was such a sure yet short call that I wasn't sure I even got it! I just knew that I was heading back and that … Continue reading A different kind of call

My prayer request hasnt changed in apparently 4years, but Im now in the USA and ask for your continuous prayers. Please join me in praying for: Steadfastness and discipline in my relationship with God; Guidance on how to spend my time; To rest in God's shadow and purpose, and that I can hear His voice … Continue reading Prayer



Alright! So what's been happening?! I left Cambodia mid-December once again believing that's where God is leading. I've headed back to the USA and it has surfaced that this is the next step! This is where I'm staying until further notice. I hope to write in the near future how things developed, but Im not … Continue reading Waiting.